08 Apr

Week Seven(7)

Although I felt happy after my consultation with Mr Kriss it is only on reflection that I realise that the outcome isn’t great. Mr Kriss is puzzled by my pain. He poked and prodded and and said that the position of my foot is much better. I told him how I have pins and needles in my second toe if I touch the middle of my ankle. He went to the x-ray department with me to make sure the angle was perfect so he could get an accurate view of the screw (all the technicians were flushed with with excitement ‘we never get consultants in here!’). He looked at the x-rays with me and the stent appeared to exactly where it should be. He is sending my x-rays to some mates in the business who do Hyprocures, for their opinions and I have been sent off to do foot exercises and to do my left hand crutch when walking any distance. i am to contact him in ten days time to give him an update and find out what his mates had to say.I am supposed to see him in a month when if the pain is no better he will give me a shot of cortisone.

I suppose the question is how long do I keep bearing the pain (and if the cortisone works is it just a temporary fix and then the pain returns?) When do I say I have had enough? And will my foot really return to the way it was or will this pain remain even if the stent is removed  because something in my foot has been damaged?

08 Apr

Week Six(6)

I have begun to realise that my pain is not subsiding and especially when I read other blogs where people are having their second foot done, I think something is not right. I start the day with absolutely no pain but after five minutes or so it starts. It is a sharp pain mainly in the ankle joint. If  I stand with my weight on my heel there is no pain and it is the same if my weight is on the ball of my foot.  It seems that the pain is triggered by transferring my weight through the middle of my foot. I visit my neighbour who is a physiotherapist. She confirms what I fear –  that the pain I am feeling is not normal for my stage of healing. I email Mr Kriss who agrees and suggests I come in to see him within the week as my next appointment isn’t for over a month.