11 Jan

January 11th 2016 update (1st entry in 2016)


continuing from Cortisone injection and giving the foot more time to heal and adjust…

January 11th 2016

I haven’t posted any updates for sometime and recognise that for some of you this could be useful.  Apologies but I receive quite a bit of spam as well as some genuine interest.

So far the surgery has been good and the original pain is much reduced and sometimes not noticeable at all –  but I still have a little pain which is surprisingly ‘different’ to the original pain.  This may be for several reasons:

1.  The operation has not yet settled (read into this what you wish)

2.  There may be some other nerve being ‘pressed’ upon due to the displacement caused by the operation and/or implant

3.  It may be perfectly normal as there could have been ‘two’ sets of pain in the first place – one remedied and the other still hanging around.

The pain is not as acute as it was and quite often-  not there at all depending on several factors (not yet fully analysed).  The weather (warm/cold/damp etc) can affect it.  The distance walked and on what terrain is a factor.

The latest news is that I am waiting for a date for my second foot to have the same procedure.  I have had the pre-op assessment and feel that sometime in February or March 2016 will be a date!  I must have some faith in the procedure.

My left foot has not been as painful or as much of a nuisance as the right foot was.  I was in a little bit of denial before Christmas as the pain was bearable and not continual and I believed that my application to have the operation was perhaps a little premature.  However, when this type of problem exists it will possibly affect both feet at some juncture.

Recently, when I was thinking that I could/might postpone the second operation – the pain has been more intense and I have found I am slower on my feet (and grateful for lifts!).  Previously I have been taking the opportunity for walks and trips to the shops without undue use of a car.  As the time of the operation (when it is announced) draws near I am much happier with the decision to go ahead with the left foot.  It would inevitably become worse with time and I feel justified in keeping any appointment for a stent implant offered.  My only fear is that a nerve may become trapped and a further problem will exist.

Will update this again when I have had the second operation (both on the National Health scheme in the UK).  I am based in Kent.