07 Apr

Message from suffering husband… lol!

We were also  concerned that any other operation might not go as well and then the extra use and pressure on the right foot (naturally caused by not being able to use the left foot) would put too much strain on the stent/healed area which was now feeling ‘OK to Good’ (I’d say she is at a 11 out of 15 mark.  This was not so bad in February and March this year – probably what you might expect (time is often a great healer right?).  Despite warnings about the problems associated with any surgery whatever it is – surgeons do want to practice their skills and also make some added revenue.  Third party advice is always useful – particularly if they are completely unbiased (who is?). Our decision seemed heavily weighted in the ‘let’s wait a while longer and see if the condition becomes better or worse’ camp.  So far this decision has been a good one.

Katherine has increasingly become a walker – walks to the shops in Tunbridge Wells (often on-line too!) – walks with me on escapes to restaurants including Pizza Express but quite often to Carluccio’s, Cöte, Jamies italian, Juliets, Basil’s – even Bill’s and ocassionally something a little better!  At the moment she’s meeting me in Nero’s where I’m upstairs astride a leather sofa with a computer (hence this blog) my notes, iPhone, a list of projects (some in progress just as this blog was) – in fact I’m in heaven as it’s a wonderful place to think and work.

Before the right foot was operated on – the walking periods had gradually diminished until it became impossible.  A few months earlier we were walking/almost climbing around the perimeter of the historic Knowle Deer Park in Sevenoaks – a distance of approximately 4 miles depending on short-cuts taken!

We have been away two or three times, Canada (family), Cyprus (sunshine & warmth) and Bath (Spa and massage!).  Katherine is not keen on manipulation near the feet area – thus I was the sole beneficiary in the treatment rooms of the Thermae Bath Spa!

I did the same in Cyprus – just to compare you understand. However, the exercise in exploring new environments and pool exercise seems to be working it’s magic.  Katherine also does Pool aerobics in the week which does not impact on her feet too much.  I’m keen for her to join me in ‘Deep Water Jogging’ where there is no impact – it’s exhausting but I love it and I think she will too!

Why the deviations into vacations and life-style?  All activities affect the length of time healing may or may not take to complete.

More about Katherine.  She is wonderful and keeps us all in check, it’s amazing what she actually does but I’m not going to tell you about all that here.  What I wanted to tell you is that she is a greyhound when walking across level terrain and loves going up hill. However, she complains and sometimes winces when going downhill and really does not like uneven surfaces (up, down, level or any which way).  This may be the case for you too – although every case is mostly likely different in some ways at least – depending on a variety of factors including your core health, physical structure, genes and life-style – maybe your diet too (vegan, vegetarian – meat eater…). Pictures to follow!

About the walking –  it’s difficult as we live in a pot-holed lane (a very lovely lane and terrific neighbours – we are so lucky!) – not only this Tunbridge Wells has areas of historical alleys and pavements.  Some are cobbled (lovely – but not for Katherine), brick paved (so picturesque but oh! – look-out Katherine they are not all seated very well!) and of course we have the ubiquitous patches in the road that kill cars as well as bicycles and sometimes cannot avoid ourselves (pavements may be being dug up or so skinny that we have to take to the road)  –  and we are on hilly areas too.  Tunbridge Wells is a great place to live though but if you have a bicycle – Horsham seems a nice place too (much flatter in the central area!).

I’d like to point out that we don’t actually live in a pot-hole but we have to avoid them. That’s the problem after an operation (or ordinarily) one false move could result in returning to stage one!  In fact – it’s worse than stage one as the damage may contribute towards a more difficult repair and lengthen the whole process…  Also – riding a bicycle can hurt the foot by placing pressure where it is uncomfortable – so be cautious doing this if your feet are not completely healed.

Ooops! – Katherine has just arrived (she looks like a normal person and you wouldn’t guess she had any pain in the right foot.  In fact she hasn’t!  It’s the left foot that gives her more pain but even that is insignificant to what it was before.  Not having the operation has given more good time with her natural foot as she could wish.  There are still stabbing pains occasionally but nothing too serious or de-habilitating.  It was not so before she had the right foot sorted out though (despite the length of time it required to ‘settle’).

Her mood is better too but she is an insomniac so anything above reasonable is ‘better’ lol!  I now think I’m in trouble when she reads this!

I hope the above has been useful.  I expect Katherine or I will add a blog/when we/Katherine has the next op’ (probably inevitable) – or an accident occurs that changes the stent position etc. (hoping this never happens).

Long weekends away somewhere warm helps too – weeks away are sometimes good.  Have you noticed?  I have to get online to Chapter Travel (went bust but we still have a voucher!) or Riveira Travel!  Have you tried them – they can get you walking too…


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