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    • What pain lol! Still a bit when exerted for too long and especially on uneven surfaces/going down hill. Update from suffering husband uploaded – all good! check that page – all revealed.

  1. Hi Katherine,

    thanks for the blog, i also have foot pain and issues and have had pancake flat feet since birth – but i do get foot ache after walking 3km + or after standing up for an hour or more….

    How has the healing gone on you right foot? is it back to normal? did you have the other foot operated on? would you recommend it? is there a consultation process to see if the operation may help?

    all the best.

    • Hi – replying on behalf of my wife Katherine. Yes – it seems after a 3 months + patience the operation has been successful. Probably more stress and pressure on the foot going down hills rather than up (you would think it would be reversed?). However, I gues it all depends on the position and size of the stent and your foot in the first place. This goes for whether you have success or not I imagine too…

      Luckily enough Katherine had hers done through a guy in Croyden who gave her a course (or two) of ‘Electro-wave shock treatment’ (forgot the precise name but it may be in the website text at an early stage). He recommended a consultant who would check her feet and decide whether there would be a benefit in surgery to implant a stent. Maybe go from an appointment with your doctor and request an appointment with a consultant [best to know the name of a good consultant in this field who have had several successes – and who you can mention to your doctor as he may be one of the consultants on his recommended list (fingers crossed!)]!

      Katherine decided that a stent (that could be taken out at a later date if not comfortable) would be better than an operation where tendons are transferred and so forth (normally not reversible). This despite the prolonged healing process if the stent had to be removed because it was not giving benefit at all or making it worse.

      She decided not to go ahead with the left foot (offered at the time…) although she felt it may be going the same way.
      Having a right foot that now more evenly takes the strain of walking – the left foot has less work to do.

      The left foot is probably more difficult than the right foot now – but nothing like it was previously. Katherine believes that she should wait until it’s necessary to have a second operation. It may not work a second time and her feet are in much better condition than before and therefore there is less urgency. I doubt whether she would leave it as long as she did the first time round though as there is a high possibility that relief can be given. She is wary of tendon surgery though particularly if one of your tendons have irrepairable damage so that you ‘cross-over’ a tendon further away than ‘normal’. You’ll have to look this up though and make your own mind up as it may not help your foot problem anyway.

      So – she can recommend the treatment but with reservations as everyone is different and although she walks quite a bit and does Aqua Aerobics (less impact on feet!) she knows that many people exert more pressure than she does on their feet continuously or with much greater weight.

      So – yes – you have to find a consultant first preferably in your area. Some areas (councils?) do not offer the treatment on the NHS – some did. The system is changing as we speak – so you may only find private treatment at the moment. Best to find or be referrred to a consultant via your doctor.

      Good luck – NHS is deciding to not operate on anyone obese at this time – so maybe try to get in quickly? Otherwise you will be given a year to lose weight so that you gain a better chance of recovery. It goes without saying the less weight you put on your feet – the less painful it is in these circumstances. Time to join Aqua – aerobic classes and maybe some gentle Yoga sessions. Tell your instructor your feet problems before embarking on classes. There are some excellent classes at your local Sports Centres – generally. Sometimes these can be more reliable than private sessions and of course a lot cheaper! Speaking of private sessions – Katherine first took a course – + more of the Electro-shock wave therapy and it was a little painful during the treatment but gave up to 3 to 6 month relief after the course of 3 to 6 sessions. Definitely worth trying if you can afford it – but again – it may not work for you. Her consultant was in the Croydon are UK.

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