29 Mar

Monday Feb 9 2015 Day 1

We arrived at the day surgery ward with my dressing gown and slippers in a Waitrose shopping bag. I was nervous but feeling really positive.

I wasn’t the first to arrive. There were four of us having foot ops first thing but I don’t think they were all Hyprocures. I felt really sorry for the lady next to me – her feet were clearly a real mess. She was having a Hyprocure inserted as well as her bunions and other foot issues sorted out. She was wearing a pair of modified canvas shoes and could only shuffle as she walked and it turned out that she was only a couple of years older then me. Clearly there were others much worse off than me.

We were taken to the pristine ward and our beds and instructed to get into our hospital gowns. After the nurse had taken my blood pressure the podiatrist Registrar came for a visit to give me instructions about what to do after the op. Then the anaesthetist had a quick chat with me. Finally a nurse  gave me a lesson in how to use crutches (hop hop hop) – I wished I could have more time to practise!

 The very nice lady with the really terrible feet who was in the bed next to me had some awful news. The results of her MRSA swab had not yet come back and therefore her operation had to be cancelled. I felt sick for her.

Suddenly I was taken off to the operating theatre just off the ward. The very kind anaesthetist found a vein and I was out like a light.

before the operation showing flexibility

before the operation showing flexibility

before the operation showing other side of foot & flexibility

before the operation showing other side of foot & flexibility

I woke up on the ward with my right foot swaddled in a thick bandage with an old lady shoe with velcro fastenings. Apparently I had been sick after the operation and had a vague recollection of shivering. I was groggy but was revived with a cup of tea and toast.

Once I was properly awake my husband came to collect me. I was wheeled out to the car and went back to the hotel. I slept on and off all day and I was pain free as my foot was frozen solid.

foot bandaged and frozen

after the operation my foot was bandaged and frozen so I had no pain for some time

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