29 Mar

Tuesday Day 2

I had slept well but no wonder – my foot was still completely numb. I had been told that I would also have a cortisone shot during the procedure so that may well have been contributing to the numbing effect.

We really just wanted to get home so I managed to hop on my crutches out to the car (harder than it sounds!) and into the back seat of the car. I rode stretched across the back seat down the the motorway. A few hours later we were home – bliss! We are so lucky to have built a house with a bedroom and en suite on the ground floor and I have to say I am so grateful that we did. I was finding out how difficult it is to be disabled. Just hopping on crutches is bad enough before you try to carry anything. I was shoving my phone into my bra and my laptop down the front of my trousers to move them into another room!

My lovely next door neighbour came in to say hello. She is a NHS physiotherapist and examined my toes and was pleased that although still numb they were wiggling.

I had the first inkling of pain that night and so had a paracetamol before bed.  I found putting my foot up on a pillow in bed seemed to help. I took off the boot now when my foot was up which was more comfortable.

resting foot with small boot still on

resting foot with small boot still on

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