07 May

Re: hitting my foot and pain + relief from rheumatism

Hmmmm…  hit my right leg on the bottom of the bed a week ago and it (or something?) has caused pain in the lower leg and foot.  Could be shinsplints or something related… that also has caused related pain in the hyprocure area. Have taken Ibuprofen occasionally  to relieve the pain.  Had some physiotherapy (my kind specialist neighbour!) which immediately improved the feel and some of the pain.  Gradually improving.

btw – I have had a sharp pain in my wrist apparently caused possibly by rheumatism.  I had heard that taking cider vinegar (small quantities) every day would relieve the pain.  I purchased cider vinegar with Manuka honey from Holland & Barrett.  It’s suitable for vegetarians but doesn’t say it is organic.  I had brilliant relief within two (2) days!  Incredible as I wasn’t expecting such rapid action.  It may not work for everyone (and you may not need it at the moment) but fingers crossed for you and maybe make a note in your recipe book or somewhere you will find it in a few years – should you ever need it.

One tablespoon twice daily is recommended.  Tablespoons are different I believe in Canada and some other countries.  It’s probably not an exact science anyway but I shouldn’t be drinking pints lol!  Manuka honey seems to be so good for many different things – however, cider vinegar was not our first thought for relieving pain in rheumatism.

Update on above 11th May 

Actually Katherine kicked a slipper under the bed and in the process hit her shin.  Since then it has been painful but is probably a bruise (that hasn’t shown itself) or a small chip/crack in the shin.  Whatever it is – it has affected the foot too and it is still difficult to do a complete Aqua-Aerobics class or walk more than say, a mile as various movements become a little painful.

However, during the last 10 days or so it is gradually becoming better.  Phew!  We imagine that within the next week it should be (fingers crossed!) back to’ normal’.  It’s still miles better than what it was a year ago when walking in any way was almost impossible.

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